Saturday, January 7, 2012


I was in a garden with [Davy Jones], and as I was admiring some miscellaneous shrub, I found a black comb. I begun to weep, as I knew that this meant that I had little time before 'they' came and took me away forever. I was then quick to find a second comb (two out of four), and so clung to [Davy Jones] and cried. [Davy Jones] told me that he would stop at nothing until he found me, got me back and made them pay for having taken me in the first place.
I am then transported to my grandmothers house. I find out that my time on earth is running short, as I am dying. I am sitting in my grandmothers chair, looking at my mother with tears streaming down my face. I tell her "You know that I love you all, right?" She covers her face and begins crying, then leaves the room. We all go outside and I am feeling like death is close. Mum and grandmother look at me with a deep sadness. I look into the reflection of the door I just came through, and see my dead aunty [Soupy Sales]. I look to where she would be if she were not just a reflection, but she is not there. She talks to me and I can understand her, so I respond. She looked how she did when she was very ill. I start to cry and ask my mum and grandmother if they can see her too. They both come up to me, weeping, as they think that I am losing my mind being so close to death. I then ask them if they thought I would ever lie about something like this, which influenced them to believe me. I describe the gaps and stains on [Soupy Sales] teeth. Grandmother says she had never noticed. End of dream.

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