Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The dream begun with me believing that I was in a movie, but as I progressed through the dream on a walk to the Christchurch Town Hall, I realised that this was reality. Inside of the Town Hall thousands of robots were being illegally manufactured. I found myself making my way into the hall without being spotted, and was approached by a robot who was friendly due to a malfunction in its robot innards. I see the man in charge of these illegal robots, and pull my friendly robot friend in front of me, somehow knowing that he could hide me with its invisibility. The man senses something where I am standing and stares straight at me. He comes over to me to see if he can sense anything breathing. Not sensing anything, he goes to leave, making a remark about not being able to last very long in bed.
I then see my mother looking for me, so I uncover my arm from the robots invisibility so that she can see me wave. She comes over to me and gives me a handful of chocolate bars.

I am then transported to the sea, where I am swimming in it with [Stevie Nicks]. The sea is grey, and we both worry what could be down there that could kill us. We fear it could be giant squid and people harpooning for crabs. This gives us a sense of urgency to get out of the water, but neither [Stevie Nicks] or I are able to swim. We somehow make it up onto a boat that has two men dressed in the Greek flag. Dream ends.


  1. How interesting!

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  2. Did you find the dream stressful or exciting? I always call these "Action/Adventure Dreams," and find they're full of enjoyable intensity -- whereas my stress dreams are much more banal and mundane. But I've had many friends who qualify these kinds of dreams as nightmares. I'd bet your individual feeling about it has a large bearing on the interpretation! :)